Girls vs Boys at the Gym

Hello everybody! Welcome to one more week of my blog. In this blog, I will share with you some information, tips, ideas, routines and much more content about lifestyle. Every Sunday you will find more content, let’s go!

The previous posts were about “The three must do’s to start being healthier” had lots of great comments, which gives me a lot of strength to keep going. I have reached people in 12 countries; I am just amazed about this!

Today, I am going to talk about the behaviour of girls and boys at the gym. 

Please don’t feel offended, try to have a laugh of it if you see yourself in the description (and maybe, just maybe, it will help you to change your mind about the gym!). Also, some people are not like this and they are very conscious about the importance and benefits of both cardio and strength exercises (good on you!)

GIRLS: also known as the queens of the treadmill. 

  You can see them in the cardio area, doing 20’ here and 20’ there. Ever since the doctor told them that they need to start doing exercise, they have taken over the cardio equipment. You barely see them in the weights area, and if you see them, it’s just because they want to do legs. Some squats with not too much weight (because they don’t want to get too bulky) and maybe some glute kicks. Even better to do just some elastic bands exercises, just in case too much weight makes them look “non feminine”. If they are lucky and the gym provides some classes like Body Pump, or Pilates, they sometimes get engaged so they don’t cancel their memberships. 

P.S. Mirrors are not there for you to take the “I went to the gym today” Insta picture. 

BOYS: on the other side of the gym, you have all the dudes. 

97% of them are wearing t-shirts without sleeves that probably do very little when it comes to cover their bodies (I mean, yeah, they have been doing bench press, so they have to show it!). The cardio aisle is just to get the “cuts” just before the summer. They normally have their “super necessary” protein shake with them because they need extra protein to get bulky. They tend to forget that they have legs, so you see a lot of the “croissant effect” in that area. They drop the weights so hard that the gym management has decided to change the floor and now it’s made of concrete. They are pretty obsessed with focusing one day in one muscle or group of muscles because they have been told that it’s the ONLY way to BULK. So, they do biceps-chest on Monday and then they don’t do any of these muscles until the week after. By the way, that last rep is very important, but sometimes I don’t know if I am in a gym or in a tennis court. 

At least they go to the gym and do some exercise, that is indeed an achievement! 

Now that you all are at the gym, let’s try and do a little bit of everything. What you do at the gym will depend on your goal, so the first step if you are not sure about this is TALKING TO THE SPECIALIST. In this case, the specialist is a trainer. Despite the cost of the trainer, I think having at least 1-2 sessions with a trainer every now and again will make the difference and will help you to achieve your goal. In these 1-2 sessions, they will teach the correct technique. If you are curious, you can ask them all the questions you may have in regards fitness and health. It’s an investment, but who is not willing to invest in health?

I will debunk these myths of “cardio for girls and weights for boys” in future posts. 

I hope you liked it, you had a laugh and it got you thinking about it!

See you next Sunday!

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