Tidy up, starting with a big “no mercy”!

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to help people find their way to a healthier lifestyle. I mostly talk about exercise, nutrition and the science behind them, which are my areas of expertise, but I also talk about sleeping habits, minimalism and many other subjects related to wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

First of all, this is a follow up post to another one I published a while ago, and it was quite popular. Check it out!

When you want to tidy up, the very first step you must take is to decide what things you’re going to keep and what things you’re going to get rid of. This sounds nice and simple but it’s not. Throughout the years, we accumulate more and more stuff to a point in which we have too much, and it gets very difficult to tidy everything up. There are many reasons why we accumulate stuff (laziness, forgetfulness, carelessness) but sometimes we accumulate because we become attached to them.


It’s simply very difficult to start tidying up if there’s no space for everything. Getting rid of the things that you don’t need, you don’t like, or you even forgot about, will make the tidying up process way easier and will allow you to introduce other things that may make you happy.

Doing a no mercy feels like a fresh start. It’s like starting again and discovering who you are and what you want to be. This might sound mystical or spiritual, but it has a lot to do with certain hormones released while tidying up: serotonin and dopamine.


Firstly, keep in mind that there’s no ideal timing to finish this process. Some people need 1 day whereas many people will need much longer. Just to give an example, Marie Kondo says that her method may take up to 6 months, and some people will have to do this continuously for their entire life.

The best way to do this process is to go room by room, checking everywhere and everything, opening wardrobes and drawers you for sure have forgotten about. Take the items one by one and ask yourself: is this useful? Do I like it? Do I have too many of the same thing? Did I even remember it was here? If any of the answers for these questions are no, get rid of it. Depending on the item, you can give it away or donate it, or you can recycle it.

The process of doing a no mercy is very personal. As I mentioned in the post included before, if you’re a painter you’ll want to keep many of the material you use to paint, but you might not need to keep all the tools for baking if that’s not what you like to do. Be sincere and true to yourself!


In the past I would have said “anytime”. Nowadays, I believe that there are some moments when it’s better to avoid it. Our emotions affect our decisions very much, and if you’re going through a tough time, it’s better to grieve for it and wait for a better time. Some think that a big no mercy is part of the healing process, like when someone close to you passes away or when we get divorced or separated, but it’s much better to do it towards the end. In any case, it’s an extremely personal decision.

Another time I would never recommend to do a process like this is when we’re in a rush. As I said at the beginning, it takes time and patience. If something big is going to happen in your life and you know it with enough time don’t waste any minute and get busy!

There also are perfect moments to definitely do a no mercy: when you’re moving out, when you’re going to have someone to move in with you, you’re going to have a baby or when you’re going to start a new career, etc. These moments are great because you’re excited about what’s going to happen, you’re willing to make big changes in your life, and you need to leave some things in the past where they belong.

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