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I studied my degree in Sport Science in the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (Spain). I specialised in health. I worked in the industry for six years In Australia, I am a certified Nutritionist and PT as I have completed Certificate IV in Nutrition and Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Have you ever wanted to have your own personalised nutritional program?

Personalised nutritional program through ZOOM

Do you need someone with you to prepare meal plans, educate and motivate you? It’s difficult to prepare a healthy, well-rounded meal plan on your own, especially at the beginning. Book an in-person session with me to get started!

Join me in a one on one ZOOM meeting to create a personalised nutritional program just for you! We will discuss your current habits, fitness level and what you can do to achieve your goals! Includes meal plans, nutritional advice and tips to live a healthier life.

Making the shift towards a healthier lifestyle was overwhelming at first. It required a lot of motivation, self discipline and constant feedback and the law of inertia was working against me. With bro scientists on the rise, it became very important to find someone whom I could trust. Sanchi played a very important role to fill that gap in my personal journey. Not only is she super nice but she is also based on science and practices what she preaches which is also evident from this blog. 

Swapnil Poudyal

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